Bet that there will be more than two goals

An interesting strategy to obtain good dividends in the world of betting is to bet that there will be more than two goals in certain leagues and in certain teams. Who does not remember the overshoot of teams like Gretna or more currently Atlético de Madrid.

For this we only have to look at the statistics of the last matches of the teams and analyze which ones are given to score goals and to fit them, also in big teams matches against others of lesser injury or in others in which we know that one of the teams he has casualties in defense that may be important.

It is also necessary to take into account that bookmakers count on it and put lower odds on many of these games, but nevertheless they are still higher dividends than other bets with the same or similar level of difficulty.

The same can be done betting that there will be less than three goals with the teams diametrically opposed to those that I have just mentioned, although in my opinion it is usually a riskier bet even though it also gives good benefits.

Betting by draws

The more complicated a trick is, the less it will be one.

My betting strategy requires little effort and yields a lot of money.

You do not need almost any knowledge of sports.
Sounds good? Then keep reading …

The idea of putting a game for the draw of a football bet, is nothing new. The rumor should also have run that in the best of cases it is not long before a beautiful reward arrives, because the corresponding odds remain high.

But here is the way to constantly pocket such sums even for those inexperienced in the matter:
Look for any device from anywhere, no matter what it is.

Bet for the next match of this team for the draw.
Do not spend so much, completely reach a small setting.

If the match ends in a draw, the sum you placed will normally triple / on average.

If it is not successful, then exactly record this case.
In the next game of the same team again make a bet for the tie, with the same putting at stake at least.
In case you were successful this time, you will get a third more in total than what you placed so far. It is done 3 out of 2.

If it does not work, repeat the procedure next time when you play this equipment. If you have the desired result in the third phase, you will still receive your money until then, thanks to the high odds.

If you do not achieve the desired result this time, increase the setting for the fourth attempt.

Follow these steps until a tie results.
In the end you will be the winner.

I have many teams in the race myself.
I carefully note down the one who still owes me a tie with the put. So far no one has slipped out of my hands yet. All teams play a draw one day, much more often than you think.

This strategy can be further refined, however with a little knowledge of sporting events:
First-class teams play out more often the draw than in home games, especially in these events I focus, because it greatly enhances my balance.
Also, I prefer mostly Derbies, the worst teams that usually lose out, I wait until a game is played at home.
It is also advisable to concentrate on leagues in which (God knows why) the draw is often played; especially French football has a bad reputation in this regard.

This is the safest strategy of all worldwide.
Believe me: The ties are not exterminated, on the contrary.

During the development of modern football also the weakest teams have an opportunity today.
Learn at last to love the draws feared by the betting friends!

Factors to consider for your football bets

I’m going to make a little analysis about betting on football matches. The 1 X 2 is quite complicated to hit for the vast majority of games in which the odds are worth (above 1.5), but given the large number of games offered to bet, we will always find many of the so-called affordable. Looking for bets is almost as interesting as the subsequent live tracking once wagered. There is a lot of statistics with the classification of “strange” leagues in which apart from 2 or 3 teams do not sound any. There is usually quite a difference between the teams that aspire to something and those that play because they have to “have everything”. A combined match of two or three matches of the leader of one of the minor leagues playing at home against one half of the table is usually very interesting. Since these teams lose 1 or 2 matches at most in their own field, this type of bets usually give good benefits. This a priori seems easy, and it is not so much.

Matches of those described we will find lots of leagues that sound a bit and others in which we have no idea which players play in each team; now it only remains to bet and “fish” one of the parties in which logic is imposed. But is there logic in football? Hard to answer, sometimes yes and sometimes not so much; but I trust that logic is imposed and correct with my bets. Finally give some advice, always look for the team you bet to play at home and that the match bet is not a derby. These matches in which two teams of the same city face are not usually my favorite at the time of betting.

Tips to keep in mind at the beginning of the season

The 10 picks will make you choose matches more closely and analyze some of the games differently. 10 picks do not guarantee winning a bet but offer new alternatives and betting ideas.

Bet small amounts on matches at the start of the championships. The coaches are testing, the players rejoin the competition and huge surprises can occur. Use cashout or the option to sell the bet when you are not alone or you are at a disadvantage to the bookmaker. They are assured, we do it too.

Study and analyze the matches and the results of the first two rounds of the bets where you bet. The form of the players, the appetite, the lot, the information about any team or coach issue, the competition calendar, etc. are all important and help you have a day-to-day situation of the team or teams you are betting, being much easier draws conclusions only after going through separate articles in the press.

Attention to the teams involved in European competitions. Many teams who have a busy calendar with 3 day matches, use reserves or test new formulas in domestic championship matches.

The number of goals is important. After 3-4 stages there are already conclusive statistics about the teams, the value of the attack, the number of goals scored. Football is a sport where the number of goals scored in a match is generally small. If you are a follower of under / over betting strategies, look at the teams with strong attack and who are able to easily score at least 2 goals in a game. In this period, it is preferable to over 1.5 goals scored by one of the teams, betting over 2.5 goals in the match.

Avoid newly promoted teams in the first 3-4 stages if you do not have solid data and information about them. Many can offer surprises, especially when they are treated “top” by veterans of the first leagues. After the first stages of the match you will have the image of a new promotion and how to adapt to the first league.

Watch the extra-sporting events that occur in the life of a team. They radically affect the player’s mood. Fraud, scandals, player relationships, player and coach relationships, extra-sporting life, comments and ratings on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram are all sources of information.

It’s time to read something about the referees as well. Each referee has its own style of arbitration that adapts to the championship from which it comes. The game in the Premier League is different from La Liga, as there are differences between all major European championships. When the other championships come into play … the qualitative difference in the game is more visible. Even under these circumstances, there are defenders who appeal more often to fouls as there are referees who use yellow or red cards.

Attention to tactics and physiology of the game. Many teams adapt their tactics to a 4-2-3-1 with different variations. This kind of field setup leads to speculative football with fewer goals scored. One striker in the team is the signal that the strategy is built cautiously, it is important not to lose, and the counterattack has a decisive role. From here, the attention moves to the players and the effort they are able to deposit. Football is a sport that requires increased effort, especially for midfielders, who have to cover a large area of land. For example, players in the first English league run on average 10.8 km in each match. And the referees are also very close to this figure.

What other bets do we discover at the beginning of the season? Betting tickets of 15-20 matches have their charm and I do not think there is a bettor who is not incited by the possibility of a big win with a small stake. Passing on, each one as usual to the betting system that benefits him. Many bettors prefer simple bets, in the end betting depends on the bet. Gaming bets have also become very popular: the host wins and over 2.5 goals scored in the game, or both score and over 2.5 goals in the match and so on. These are compound bets and when you bet on this bet, you actually place two bets at the same time.

Pay attention to what bookmakers you play, because each bookmaker has its advantages in a particular championship or competition. There are some agencies that offer better odds for certain matches in La Liga or League 1 while other bookmakers have better odds for Premier League or Ligue 1 matches. This is due to sponsorship links and advertising contracts.

No matter what betting strategies you use, the tips above, 10 picks … are valid or can form the basis for a new wagering technique better suited by bettors. I hope the 10 picks are useful and as profitable as possible.

Bet controlly

With more years of experience in online bookmakers I have experienced gusts of all colors. I have managed to increase my bankroll dramatically in a few days and bankrupt it several times. Currently I only have one method, my own and without looking too much into the forums, to analyze the events.

I start from a simple mechanic that consists in betting control over events that, in my opinion, there are disproportions in the odds. I measure this according to the options that I give to it and the odds presented by the different bookmakers.

I do not close more than 3 bets per day, because increasing the number is an authentic pool that, in general, leads to bankruptcy. In addition, I try to close bets at odds of not less than 1.40, because failures in this type of installments, tend to make us “despair” and try to recover quickly because the bets are usually of considerable amounts.

Combining both conditions, I find really few options that are worth betting, but about which normally, I get small benefits that allow me to gradually increase my balances and make reimbursements sporadically. The professionalization in this world is really complicated, because in addition to needing a lot of time to analyze the details and particularities of the bets that we close, we need to have a bookmaker that does not limit us in the profits.

Finally and to conclude, I advise those who start, look at these times of betting a hobby and not a financing alternative, because normally and in the long run, this way of seeing the game, will give us more satisfactions than disappointments.

In order to help those who read this article, these lines are simply good advice and not a rule, because each must find the sports, events, odds and predictions that best suit their characteristics and balances. . So anything goes, as long as it’s moderately reasoned.