CSKA Moscow – Unics Kazan (PREDICTION) 01.06.2016

Hello ! Today we offer you to bet on the game CSKA Moscow – Unics Kazan basketball started today 01.06.2016 at 17:00.Today the CSKA disputes the first game of the final against the unics kazan, this first game of the final is disputed in house of the CSKA, where they have gained the last 5 meetings and in all of them there are superiado 75.5 points.

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You prop in this game the balance assessmen in the last 5 games, they are quite victories for the cska, winning in all of them clearly enough, and overcoming the limit, less in one (74) points.

This way that today we trust in the cska and that of a great spectacle and all we win.
Bet CSKA +75.5 points ! odds.1.50

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