Establish basic rules

I’m going to talk about self-control and some basic aspects to achieve success in sports betting in general. This can work not only in bets but also in the world of poker, the key is not to skip the bank and establish basic rules.

The ones I use in betting are basically 3:

1-Do not play amounts that make you nervous in case of loss.

2-Do not play more than 10% of our bankroll in a single bet

3-There are no bargains in betting for very easy to see a bet or it will come out, you should never bet more than 10% of our bankroll.

Apart from these basic rules, it is important to know in which markets we are winning players. All players have a predilection for some sport and in that is that we have to focus and collect data about the bets (picks) that we have in mind. The more study is devoted to a pick, the more likely it is that it will be the winner.

On the subject of bonds, it is important to have sight and know how to move the money from bookmaker to bookmaker with which to have a higher profitability, stagnant money can not profit, so apart from the welcome promotions, there are always attractive offers in the big number of bookmakers that there are today.

In my opinion I recommend having a virtual wallet type moneybookers or pay-pal with which to make online transactions, they will be much faster without the need to be constantly with the credit card, in addition to these online purses offer promotions related to the game.

Bet small amounts, make small income

Patience has a prize.

I usually bet small amounts, making small income (10 euros) and betting on more or less secure bets (wins Barcelona or Madrid in the Champion or in the League, Nadal wins games in the first rounds, more or less than 2 ‘ 5 goals according to the rivals …) but that sooner or later, I always end up losing, as is logical. But on one occasion, I had more time and I made the following bets. I chose a volleyball game, anyone serves (Cuba-Canada, for example), we observe who has achieved point 10, for example Cuba, and we bet 0.50 that Canada will get point 15. If we hit, we changed and we bet 0 ‘ 50 to point 20 wins Cuba, and if we fail, we bet double that Canada gets the point 20. (only once I bet 8 euros and spend nerves for about two minutes) This is in summary, and I chose volleyball because it has a fairly adequate pace to bet, but it would serve as a corner in a football game, goals in handball … It is also interesting, but secondary, to see how much is the bet and the level of the teams. I know it’s not fun and the winnings are slow, but in this way I converted my 10 euros to 63.

Combined bets and self-control rules

I am a big football fan who loves sports betting (especially football).

My favorite bets are the combined ones. Over time I have been creating my own method, following some simple rules.

I combine 3 or 4 matches, of which only one has to have odds higher than 2.
I never use the draw, 75% of my choices are 1 (local victory), and at least 1 of the games has to have odds between 1.70 and 2.

With this system I can say that my percentage of correct answers is 59%. It is also true that I have been using it for only 6 months, but I am doing very well.

I also follow some rules of self-control that I set myself to stop my crazy beginnings in the world of betting:

If I lose a bet, I do not bet again until 3 days later.
I never bet on teams that have sympathy.
I never bet on leagues that I can not watch matches regularly (Turkey, Greece, Venezuela … that kind of leagues in which you can find low odds that are very deceptive because I do not know the details of the league in question).
I never bet on live if I can not watch the game on live television.

And with these rules, as I said before, I managed to have fun betting and earn a little money (little truth, the good thing is that I entertain enormously).

Avoid basic errors and have control

It’s been a few years since I started betting. At first I only played with bonuses and small amounts, and I was really able to get a lot of profit.

So I can assure you, that if you take it as a hobby for free time and without demands, the thing can work. The certain thing is that to this of betting it is necessary to play with head, since if not, we are in safe bankruptcy.

I have tried many “strategies”. Bet only on high odds, at low but “safe” odds (there is nothing safe, it is a basic rule to follow), and luckily in the end I have always gotten benefit. It does not matter what the odds are, if it is low or high, if it is well studied and there are enough options you have to go for it. You have to avoid the most basic mistakes. Believe that this is very “easy”, try to recover suddenly what was lost in a bad day … This should never be done, if one day you lose for what you have gained in 3 days, do not try to recover it at once, because you will lose new (and probably everything, unfortunately, it also happened to me that I am human). You have to turn off the computer and start watching a movie, go for a walk or whatever.

If you control this, the benefit I can say is almost certain (if you understand enough of clear sport) because if you have earned an X amount in 3 days, even if you lose it in the next, you will recover it little by little. This is the most basic. Then a lot of statistics, a lot of analysis and trying to catch the “disproportionate” odds, especially in smaller leagues where bookmakers do not show so much interest and study.

Also the Lives can be a good tactic to win, since it is usually where the odds dance the most, and if you are watching the event it is not very difficult to find good odds. And well, this is the basic thing to “succeed”. Interest in sport (and knowledge, obviously) and control, a lot of CONTROL.

Sports betting and gambling addiction

When it comes to starting in sports betting, it is very important to do so under the premise that the game should not be more than an entertainment to have fun and hang out. Crossing the limit of the hobby leads to the always latent risk of addiction and the disastrous consequences that this implies, whether at a personal, family and work level. When a person feels the uncontrollable need to play compulsively, he suffers from the disorder called ‘gambling’, defined as “pathological addiction to electronic games or chance.”

Although there are organizations dedicated especially to combat this problem, unfortunately, cases of addiction to gambling and sports betting have grown in recent times in many parts of the world. The majority of the bookmakers devote full space to what is known as ‘Responsible Gaming’, with the intention of generating awareness about their users and potential customers. Of course, this is not enough to prevent some bettors from losing their hands, even losing money in sports and activities they do not even know about.

Addiction risk

There are many young people who believe that they find sports betting a method to obtain regular earnings. The idea that knowledge of football or another sport is enough to win is a frequent mistake and even more, since it ends up being a double-edged sword. Motivation is also found in the excitement and adrenaline that originate live betting through its constant dynamics. The truth is that the effect of negative results is not the same in all individuals and some of them lose control until they reach behaviors with a high degree of self-destruction.

In these cases, the possibility of betting online is 100% counterproductive, since online bets allow you to play 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from the comfort of your home and from anywhere. There are those who step aside before the first setbacks of chance, but also those who become obsessed and increase the need to be playing. But, of course, sometimes the money ends and there the problem is double, because they do whatever it takes to get it, get into debt, come into conflict with their loved ones and try to hide everything that happens to them.

What signs are there

While it is not an exact science, certain circumstances and characteristics of the personality can increase the likelihood of addiction. In that sense, impulsive people, lovers of “strong feelings” and low self-esteem are eventually more prone than others. They also influence environments related to childhood play, stressful and traumatic family histories, and even the death of a close relative. The question is that, in the most serious cases, a gambler can run out of family, without a home, without money and, what is worse, without knowing that he is sick.

Beyond that the sequels can be reflected in the physical, specialists say it is a psychological disease, which is engendered and has a substantial impact on the emotional. Detecting the existence of this problem is not entirely difficult if we really pay attention and if we have a more or less assiduous relationship with the one involved. Irritability, withdrawal and depression are three signs that commonly appear in a gambling addict. It is key that in your closest environment be attentive to the occasional lack of money and valuables in the house.

How to act

An addict does not have clear limits and, in matters of gambling and betting, always believes that he will recover the losses. That is why the first thing to do is request professional help. Naturally, the support and collaboration of family members, loved ones in general and related people will be essential, but the assistance of a specialized professional is decisive if you intend to act seriously and is the first unavoidable step to accept the presence of the disease and face the corresponding treatment.