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The betting sites with the best odds

Are you looking for a detailed and truthful comparison on the betting sites with the best odds? Would you like to know who are the best Bookmakers? So you’re on the right site! The choice of the Bookmaker is in fact fundamental to obtain a satisfactory win and to know and control the quota that the agency associates to every bet – that is the potential gain to which you can aspire in case of winnings – allows therefore to choose the most advantageous solution! Below, we have compared the main Bookmakers in order to offer all the knowledge necessary to place your game in complete autonomy and freedom.

The analysis was carried out with the consideration of the main multipliers such as 1X2, Under / Over and Goal / No goals, etc.

What are the general characteristics of a good bookmaker?

The factors that determine a quality Bookmaker are manifold. First of all there are some points that must be taken into particular consideration and which constitute an essential element for a good betting site. Among the most important features in absolute there are the security – which includes the safe processing of personal data – and the guarantee of payment of winnings.
The best bookmakers consider these two aspects of the integral parts of their programs. Moreover, a valid betting site is also recognized by the treatment it reserves for its customers (such as the efficiency of the customer service), by the system of deposits and withdrawals, by the possibility and ease of betting live as well as by breadth of the betting offer.

Obviously, a good Bookmaker is considered as also because it is able to offer all the major sports like football, basketball, tennis and formula 1, but also other minor disciplines such as golf, horse racing, boxing, etc. .

In general, however, it can be said that the offer of a wide range of bets both for play possibilities and for proposed disciplines is to be considered a decisive element in the choice of a Bookmaker compared to one of its competitors.

Best betting odds: some Bookmakers compared

There are numerous Bookmakers, however, not all of them offer advantageous pay parameters. It is with this objective that we have decided to draw up in this section a ranking of Bookmakers considered by us as the best in circulation both from a point of view of the agency shares and that of the range of betting offered.

Bet365 odds

With one of the most varied program listings on the market and with a potential 94% average earning potential, Bet365 is an exceptional betting site – and not just in terms of odds! You can bet from the 1X2 classics, Double chance in and out, Under / Over, with handicap until you get to First Goal, Sum of Goals, Exact result, Goals / Depends, Both teams score etc.

In addition, Bet365 also offers the “live” section where you can bet during a match that is still in play and therefore not just at the start of the match!

Betfair odds

Betfair has a very good payout that is around 93% while its shares include innovative and different solutions from the more traditional ones such as Under / Over up to 5.5, Under / Over for fractions of competition, markers (first and at any time), combobets like 1X2 + Under / Over up to 4.5. Certainly the strong point of this operator is the so-called “Betting Exchange” that allows both to enjoy a higher payout that the possibility of making the cashout at any time of the game.

What are bookmakers?

What is a bookmaker or provider?

The main names are known: bet365, William Hill. The answer to the title question is simple: bookmakers (or providers) are the sports betting providers. The term derives from the English language, where the bookmaker can also be defined, in abbreviated version, simply as bookie. But what does a bookmaker actually do? Its role is to follow – in the true sense of the word – a ‘book’ on the stakes of bettors, with their losses and their profits. Naturally, bookmakers also analyze the sports betting market in detail, proposing odds and classes of outcome on certain sporting events. And always remember one thing, the goal of bookmakers is always to generate profits.

The bookmaker as an opponent

Wanting to joke a bit ‘, you can say that when it comes to online sports betting, the main’ opponent ‘of the players is just the bookmaker himself. No matter how attractive its football odds or welcome bonus are, each provider manages its business with the aim of generating revenue. One of the secrets lies in presenting an offer as balanced and balanced as possible. When a player thinks about how to win at sports betting, it is very likely that he does not just have the classic 1X2 of football matches in mind.

The offer of bookmakers has therefore expanded in recent years, including more and more sports categories and outcome classes to bet on. The modern player can therefore implement very sophisticated strategies, for example by playing multiple or system bets, taking advantage of special betting odds, choosing to bet on crossover markets and so on. At the end of the fair, however, the bookmaker will always try to structure the offer in such a way as to be the final winner.

Betting odds: a key factor for the success of a bookmaker

We have already said that bookmakers tend to structure their offer in such a way that, for them, they always jump out of a win. But this is not always easy, given that the number of bettors has grown exponentially in recent years. Therefore, the providers must also try to make their betting odds attractive, to avoid a potential escape of customers to other bookmakers with more competitive odds.

Are you looking for the best football odds?

Take a look at bet365 and William Hill.

In addition, a serious bookmaker will always have the responsibility to update their betting odds based on certain events that may affect the outcome of individual sporting events. Taking as an example a football match, if the favored team loses an important player due to injury, perhaps its most prolific striker, its chances of victory may decrease, which will push the bookmaker to raise its odds. On the contrary, instead, the odds for winning the outsider team will probably be adjusted downwards.

A bookmaker, therefore, has the task of responding in a timely manner to the market and its events. Taking again the example used previously, if the bookmaker does not lower the odds of the outsider team (whose chances of victory have increased following the injury of the opponent bomber), this could be suspect for the bettors, especially for the more experienced.

Always choose reliability

Our advice is, therefore, to always protect your sports bets. After all, it is still an investment you are making, so it is in your interest to take all the necessary precautions to avoid the ‘black sheep’ of this sector, which, however fewer and fewer, are still present. We recommend that you open a gaming account on more than one bookmaker, so that you can take advantage of the different welcome bonus bets, always bet with the best odds and enjoy the best sporting events in streaming.

Betting in the Brazilian League

Betting in the Brazilian league is a way to earn good money if what we want is to look for surprises, and many goals, contrary to what one might think, the Brazilian league is one of the rarest in the world, where it beats anyone, so it is normal to see how the strongest teams lose and the weakest win where you can buy odds of 7 or more and the best part is that it is not uncommon for them to take place.

That’s why this Brazilian league, personally, is the best bet when you have some money that you do not need much, and you can invest in bets at high odds for the weakest teams, having so many state tournaments you can find many markets and many parties, where as we mentioned, anyone can beat anybody regardless of the history of the biggest clubs and the winning cups they have over them.

We can see how Sao Paulo can lose peacefully against Mogi Mirim, that’s why the bookmakers have realized a bit of this situation where they have lowered a little bit compared to before, however you can still find very good prices.

Surebets: what they are and how they work

Guide to the perfect bet

There are several more or less effective methods to increase the chances of winning your bets and to increase your profits by betting online. Today we will talk about the Surebet.

Surebet: what are they?

Because the odds of different bookmakers are different for the same event, there are cases where you can get a sure profit regardless of the outcome of this event. For this, you must analyze, at the same time, all the odds of the bookmakers and calculate the “scenarios” in which you can be 100% winner, whatever the final result.

Surebet calculation: compare the odds of the bookmakers and win with your surebet

To perform these calculations you can rely on specialized software or you can perform the calculation through a formula that we will enunciate in detail in this article.

Let’s start by gathering all the possible results for a specific match and check out the following formula:

1 / Odds 1 + 1 / Odds 2 + … + 1 / Odds n <1

Odds 1,2,3 etc represents the quota offered for each bookmaker in relation to the possible results of an event.

For example: if you decide to bet 100 euros on Manchester’s victory against Real Madrid and you want to compare the odds of two bookmakers A and B, the odds are:

Bookmaker A: 1.9 / 3.5 / 3.9
Bookmaker B: 1.3 / 3.7 / 6.2

So, if we decide to bet on the victory of Manchester with the bookmaker A, we must consider the share relative to the victory of Manchester, or 1.9, and the odds of the draw and the defeat provided by the bookmaker A.

Then we will have grouped the odds, we will proceed with this calculation to check that the sum of the probabilities are less than one.

1 / 1.9 + 1 / 3.7 + 1 / 6.2 = 0.9732 <1

How to manage the budget in your surebet?

Calculation of the amounts to bet to maximize the odds of winning your ticket

Your surebet will then evolve this way. Suppose we have 100 euros available, how to place our play on the 3 possible results?

Manchester Victory (Bookmaker A): € 100 * 1 / 1.9 = € 52.63
Draw (Bookmaker B): € 100 * 1 / 3.7 = € 27.03
Defeat of Manchester and then victory of Real Madrid (Bookmaker B): € 100 * 1 / 6.2 = € 16.13

In the case of the Manchester victory

Win € 52.63 * 1.9 = € 99.99 (Bookmaker A)
You will lose 27.03 * + 16.13 = -43.16 (Bookmaker B)
So your total earnings will therefore be € 56.83.

In the event of a tie

Win 27.03 * 3.7 = 100.01 € (Bookmaker B)
Lose € 16.13 + € 52.63 = € 68.76 (Bookmaker A)
Your total earnings will therefore be € 31.25.

In the case of a Real Madrid victory

Win 16.13 * 6.2 = 100.01 € (Bookmaker B)
Lose € 27.03 + € 52.63 = € 79.66 (Bookmaker A)
Your total earnings are therefore € 20.35.

Your minimum secure income will be 20.35 euros.

This was the manual calculation method. However, there are specific tools and software to implement the surebets.

13 tips always useful for your sports bets

Tip 1 – Seriousness and patience

Always try to bet on games on which you are informed. Many players tend to place bets according to their feelings or simply for fun, which obviously drops the chances of winning. If you take your sports bets seriously, you should look for a more methodical approach.

Therefore, placing bets on the Moroccan Serie B is prohibited only for spending time during the summer days! This is a basic but fundamental advice: the main guideline to follow if you want to win at sports betting. Always bet with full knowledge of the facts.

Tip 2 – Brain beats instinct

Your instincts could lead you to listen to the voice of greed. It is always under control: even if your first bets are winning, this does not mean that you have suddenly become an expert in sports betting. So, try to avoid high-risk bets just because you are attracted by the prospect of a potentially high payout.

Always try to moderate your gambling behavior, otherwise you could enter a vicious circle from which it is not always easy to go out: high bet on hard bet, loss, other risky bets placed to try to recover, further losses and so on. Always bet based on the health of your account!

Tip 3 – Avoid doubling progression

There are many ‘strategies’ to offset losses: our advice is to try to avoid them. In particular, eye with the so-called doubling progression, which consists of betting a certain amount and then doubling it in every subsequent bet, until you hit a winning bet. At that point, you return to bet starting from the initial figure. The great pitfall of this method lies in the fact that a strip of negative bets will have adverse effects on your account. Let’s take a simple example, in which the player starts from a first bet of € 5:

bet 1: 5 €
bet 2: 10 €
bet 3: € 20
bet 4: 40 €
bet 5: 80 €
bet 6: € 160
bet 8: 320 €

As you can see, a negative strip of 8 losing bets – which can happen at any moment – would result in losses of € 635 total, all starting from a € 5 bet. To be avoided absolutely!

Tip 4 – Always keep an eye on your account

One of the key tips is to calculate your bets based on the health of your account. In other words, always point only the money you can afford to lose! Never allocate money to the game that can serve you for more useful things. This advice is to be printed in capital letters!

Tip 5 – High winnings = high risk

It is an inseparable binomial. In the world of sports betting, high winnings are never easy. The most attractive shares are those that entail the greatest risk of loss. This applies, above all, to specific markets such as ‘Exact result’ or for multiple bets and systems with a high number of selections. Of course, the occasional episode of a few odds on particularly attractive odds always has its own because – in case of victory, you get the maximum with the minimum effort, while in case of loss the loss is minimal.

Even betting on favorites presents pitfalls. For example, a multiple like Bayern, Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG and Benfica all winning their league might seem like a safe bet, but beware: just a surprise can to ruin an apparently bomb-proof bet.

In any case, betting on favorites is always advisable, especially for those who do not have much experience in the sector or for those who are an occasional bettor.

Tip 6 – Keep yourself updated

Let’s go back to what is expressed in the tip 1: the ‘belly’ bet or a fan hardly pays. If you want to increase your chances of winning at sports betting you will have to do research, analyze statistics and compare teams. Of course, this is not advanced statistics: in general, to get the picture of the situation, you just have to concentrate on recent statistics and trends. Fortunately, bookmakers offer their customers a good variety of information and statistics on teams and sporting events. Thus, it is certainly easier to determine the state of the form and the main trends relating to the team you want to bet on.

Tip 7 – Watch live bets

Live sports betting is certainly exciting: the uncertainty of the result, the awareness that a few seconds can change a sure victory in an unexpected defeat … all very exciting but, if you really want to win in the long run, real-time betting will not they should be part of your routine. Of course, betting live is fun, but in general it is not particularly profitable in the long run. The payout for live bets rarely drops more than 90%; in addition, the player who bets live must make decisions very quickly so as not to lose his bet, which can lead to mistakes caused by haste. Ultimately, betting live can hardly be seen as a way to achieve steady profits over the medium to long term.

In any case, if you are a fan of betting in real time, our advice is to take a look at the bookmakers who present the cash out option, such as bet365, Betfair and bwin.

Tip 8 – Check the weather forecast

It may seem like a joke but in reality it is not. If you like to bet on outdoor sports, the weather factor is a potentially decisive variable. A look at the weather forecast before placing your bets can always be useful. Let’s take as an example a hypothetical match of Champions or Europa League, in which a Spanish or Italian team faces away a Russian team in the winter months: potentially, on a frozen or snow-covered field, the visiting team may not be able to play with the usual precision and fluency.

Tip 9 – Do not be afraid to ask for advice

In the field of sports betting, experience is a key factor. Whether you are a beginner or a betting veteran, exchanging opinions, opinions and advice with other players can be very useful. The inputs of the other bettors can give you new ideas for your bets, or simply confirm your opinion, especially when it comes to experts with a long tradition of victories behind them. In the case of round tables with people less accustomed, however, we advise you to always proceed with caution.

Tip 10 – The more game accounts you have, the better

The world is beautiful because it is varied – every bookmaker offers their own schedule, their odds, their offers and their bonuses. Naturally, this gives you the opportunity to always choose the best for your needs. If you open a gaming account with several bookmakers, you can bet on the best odds every time. In addition, you can take advantage of many welcome bonuses for new customers and the different betting bonuses offered by the providers. Starting from bet 365, the best bookmaker on the market (Terms and conditions will be applied).

Tip 11 – Never underestimate niche markets

Remember that even the best bookmakers do not necessarily possess the absolute truth. In other words, if for some teams, championships and events of a certain importance the work of the providers is really meticulous, it is not always the same for niche events. To give an example, a match of Juventus or Barcelona will obviously be studied beyond belief, and the odds will be prepared accordingly. But what happens in the case, say, of a meeting of the Kazakh football league? If you are an expert in, so to speak, exotic leagues, you could use your knowledge in the field of sports betting.

Just make a quick calculation: on a particularly dense day of events, best bookmakers can get to offer shares on a total of 30,000 markets. Logically, it is impossible for every event to be given the same attention when reviewing odds. Depending on your knowledge, this could obviously be an advantage for your bets on smaller markets.

Tip 12 – Not always following live matches is good

Do not underestimate the psychological aspect of the sports betting game. If you can, try not to follow live the events on which you bet. If adrenaline is assured, it is also true that there is a high risk of generating negative emotions that could affect you in your next bets.

For example, if you lose a bet on a football match that you have followed live, you could unconsciously find many motivations: the referee made too many mistakes, the star of the team was on a bad day and so on. And by doing so, it might cost you to recognize that, simply, you may have made the wrong choice.

The issue concerning live betting has already been dealt with on tip 7. If you watch a game – or any sporting event – and bet live, any negativity effect could even be amplified.

Tip 13 – Always check your bets

For experts and professionals in the sector, sports betting is a real business. And as with all businesses, it is advisable to keep an accurate account of winnings and losses. Always keep your credit under control and bet carefully to avoid losses that would then be difficult to amortize.