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Atlético de Madrid – Elche PREDICTION 29.11.2017

Atletico Madrid seems to have found their moment and returns to the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, where they will play with Elche on Wednesday night in a clash to count for the second round of the 4th round of the King’s Cup. Atletico de Madrid seems to have overcome their offensive crisis and arrives here with 7 goals scored in the last two meetings against AS Roma and Levante. Elche has a draw in the first leg against the Colchoneros and arrives here with the tie still open.

Atletico Madrid are preparing to play in the second leg of the competition after having drawn a ball in the first leg, in what was another unsatisfying game of Diego Simeone’s team. This is a test that the team has already won 10 times, with the last time it achieved in 2012/13, and since then reached two more semi-finals, eliminated in one by Real Madrid, and the rest by Barcelona . The Colchoneros have been demonstrating a very disappointing way in recent matches, both in La Liga and in the Champions League, they can not create danger to their opponents and play an unappealing football.

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Horsens – Silkeborg (PREDICTION) 26.06.2016

Hello ! Today we offer you to bet on the game Horsens – Silkeborg WORLD: Club Friendly started today 26.06.2016 at 11:00.AM

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Friendly match between Danish teams. In league Silkeborg and Horsens they remained placed very equally, the the second and third respectively.
Both teams go one month without playing and in addition the last statistics do that it predominates over the tie to goals. Of the last three clashes, two of them have resulted in tie.
Likewise, I will risk in another prediction of which both teams mark.
Game of capture of contact with the competition and of preparation in that nobody is played at all and that very probably ends in tie 1-1.

Brest – Naftan (PREDICTION) 16.06.2016

Hello ! Today we offer you to bet on the game Brest – Naftan Belarus Vysshaya Liga started today 08.06.2016 at 17:30.

It is an team that it attacks rapidly, has players with well stick, they fight the whole game . and they generate many occasions of goal .. and I think that here it has her easy.

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This naftan to left of being the good team that I saw at the beginning from the tilt to lost pace and game. 15 goals have annotated him and to annotated 8, it has players who can give him a hope to win. But it has her complicated in this game, brest is many mas empeñoso is thrown by everything .. and if this naftan not to corrected the mistakes that it comes having in defense it is going to spend it badly.
Both need the points undoubtedly . brest has 14 points naftan has 9 points.
Analyzing the game and seeing that this brest this one making the things better that naftan think that it can remain with the victory and to hope that it is with 2 or 3 goals, I hope also that this naftan complicates the brest and annotates a goal or a couple of goals.
And this way the over overcomes 1.5 to gain this bet.
I wait that of . it finalizes her you see that they faced the game I remain 1 – 0 I win brest this way that I go for this over 1.5 that I think that one can overcome it wait.

Bet over 1.5 goals ! odds 1.40

Huddinge – Enskede (PREDICTION) 08.06.2016

Hello ! Today we offer you to bet on the game Huddinge – Enskede Sweden Svenska Cupen – Qualification – Semi-finals started today 08.06.2016 at 18:00.

We go with a bet that it has found it hard to me to find and that has this house of bets and to a surprising quota the truth. The reasons for which I praise myself for this bet to which I consider sure enough are:

– the Huddinge, nowadays I come second in the fourth Swedish division, it takes played 10 days of league. In these 10 days it has put 23 goals and has fitted 18, for what it is possible to see that they are enough a disaster in defense and that, since it is of custom in these leagues, they play enough of spontaneous form. In addition, in all the games that it takes played till now in 9 occasions the over has been given and only in one the under and it was against the first one of his category.

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– on the other hand other one divides, the Enskede is in a division over the Huddinge and the balance sheet of his last three games has been a positive with 2 ties and a victory. In this division they take played 8 games and this team has managed to put 14 and to be the third tea most made goals of the competition up to the moment in spite of going seventh . As for these 8 played games, in 6 occasions the over has been given and only in two the under.

Therefore, we are going to see a game of glass between the best second team of the fourth Swedish one, which since we have said he is not afraid to be made hollow behind on having attacked and is in the habit of being effective enough above, against an team of half of table of the third Swedish division, which is the most made goals third team but also the third party more scorer, for what I wait for a very opened game and with many goals.

Bet Huddinge win ! odds.1.90

CSKA Moscow – Unics Kazan (PREDICTION) 01.06.2016

Hello ! Today we offer you to bet on the game CSKA Moscow – Unics Kazan basketball started today 01.06.2016 at 17:00.Today the CSKA disputes the first game of the final against the unics kazan, this first game of the final is disputed in house of the CSKA, where they have gained the last 5 meetings and in all of them there are superiado 75.5 points.

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You prop in this game the balance assessmen in the last 5 games, they are quite victories for the cska, winning in all of them clearly enough, and overcoming the limit, less in one (74) points.

This way that today we trust in the cska and that of a great spectacle and all we win.
Bet CSKA +75.5 points ! odds.1.50